Art Agenda @ 63 Spottiswoode is a curatorial concept space centred on photography and art in the Singapore context.

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Running for three months and featuring exhibitions, a shop, and a series of activations in the Blair Plain conservation area, Art Agenda @ 63 Spottiswoode will be a focal point for all things photographic, collectable and reflexive of Singapore in the larger world.

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Co-presented by Art Agenda and Art Porters, 63 Upper is a formerly dormant second floor of a historical shophouse, now activated as a curatorial space that will create a more diverse and democratic engagement with art.
63 Upper greets you as a voluminous hall with exhibits that make a deep dive into an artist’s oeuvre or explore the breadth of a theme. It then extends into the Coloured Rooms, a regularly changing display of artworks from private collections unveiled in chambers freshly painted in a reinvigorating colour palette.
Over a series of exhibitions, events and activations, 63 Ground brings to focus the medium of photography and related themes.
The exhibition programme will spotlight modern photographers such as Yip Cheong Fun and Lim Kwong Ling working in the post-war years to creatives today such as Dave Lim and Lavender Chang. It traces not only the expansion of photographic practices from documentary and straight photography to the conceptual, but also the span of thematic concerns held by photographers from the humanist to the environmental.
A&M Marketplace
Art & Market extends its digital platform A&M Marketplace to a physical shop offering quality art titles, including rare and out-of-print publications, as well as limited edition merchandise and collectables.