AASEA offers professional, bespoke counsel to art collectors on building and shaping quality art collections. Our advisory covers:


Every individual’s collection has its own desires, budgets and peculiarities. With a high level of personal attention to your project, AASEA provides end-to-end art consultation services including market analysis, private sales, artwork appraisal, digital simulation and price analysis. We access a vast network of relationships with art market players to meet your collecting objectives. Whether it is sourcing for specific works of art, selling pieces from your collection, or finding beautiful artworks for your space, AASEA attends to your unique tastes while keeping in mind the historical, aesthetic and financial value of every artwork.


Presenting an all-encompassing range of services, AASEA alleviates the inconveniences that come with managing a collection. These include logistical and cataloguing needs that we manage with our professional art transport, insurance, photography, conservation and design partners.

Drawing on our advisors’ specialist knowledge in Asian art history, practical expertise in the art world and access to exceptional private collections, our customised sets of educational modules are designed for those who wish to collect with confidence. By teasing out the intricacies of the largely opaque art world, we seek to make art collecting an accessible and profoundly enriching practice. We share our mastery of the art ecosystem through guided consultations, exclusive essays and insider experiences.