Collective fragment

made wiguna valasara

Art Agenda, JKT
Wisma GEHA
Jl. Timor No. 25
Jakarta Pusat, 10350

3 July - 7 August 2021
Tuesday - Friday, 11am-4.30pm
Saturday, 11am-2pm

How does one’s individuality stand against the communal life of Bali today?

Balinese artist Made Wiguna Valasara (b. 1983) explores this question in his ongoing series, Collective Fragment. Borrowing the visual language of Batuan, a Balinese painting style, he offers a critical view of the artistic, spiritual, and social traditions of Bali. Like many other Balinese styles, Batuan painting follows strict rules and techniques to portray rituals, customs, and daily activities. Yet, this portrayal of Balinese life remains inseparable - often unwittingly - from the exotification and commodification of Bali brought about by the expanding tourism industry since colonial times. Through his stuffed canvases, coloured threads, and kinetic elements, Collective Fragment presents a tension between the artist’s individuality and ancestral tradition.

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