Singaporean (1947 - 2008)

Born in Guangdong, Chua Ek Kay (1947-2008) was part of a large cohort of the20th-century diaspora of Chinese artists who spent their formative years inChina but emigrated later on. Acknowledging his roots, he distinguished himself by combining the Chinese ink medium with Western art styles. He created minimalist compositions that balanced elegant forms and dense, expressive gestures. Contributing to the rebirth of Chinese ink painting, Chua engaged with tradition while keeping a modern sensibility.

Deeply rooted in the practice of traditional ink and brush, Chua began to study Chinese calligraphy under his father after migrating to Singapore in 1953. With this foundation, he was led under the tutelage of various mentors such as Fan ChangTien, who influenced Chua to adapt the aesthetic values of xieyi, which emphasises subjectivity and essence over accuracy of representational forms.

Throughout his studies at LaSalle College of the Arts and the University of Tasmania in Australia, Chua was preoccupied with painting everyday life in Singapore. He created a large body of work that later became known as the Singapore Street Scene series.Across his artistic journey, Chua sought to innovate the ink medium, present fresh approaches in realistic representation, and assert a firm grounding in the ‘now’. Landscapes experienced first-hand, whether in the form of his everyday environment or scenes experienced abroad, gave currency to his ink practice.
A portrait of Cheong Soo Pieng


1947 Born in Guangdong, China
1953 Moves to Singapore
1975 – 1984 Studies Chinese brush painting under Fan Chang Tien of the Shanghai School
1980s Conducts ink-painting classes at Thomson Community Centre
1981 Receives Grand Prize in the UOB 10th Painting of the Year Award
1985 Becomes full-time artist
1989 Studies Advanced Diploma in Painting, Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore
1993 Receives National Arts Council scholarship for practicing artists
1994 Obtains Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, University of Tasmania, Australia  
1995 Obtains Master of Arts (Hons.) in Visual Arts, University of Western Sydney, Australia  
1998 Receives Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards (Juror’s Choice), Singapore
1999 Receives Cultural Medallion Award, National Arts Council
2000 Appointed as member of the National Arts Council Displays paintings at the Prime Minister's Office, Istana
2002 Participates in the Visiting Artists Programme by Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Receives LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts Fellowships, Singapore
2008 Passes away

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