Indonesian (1930 - 2004)

Across his series, the works of Fadjar Sidik  (1930-2004) were responses to Indonesia’s increasingly modern environment, which was embarking on a new age of industrialisation at the time. This influx of technology was translated onto his canvases as highly graphic, geometric abstractions. Unlike his Yogyakarta peers’ pursuit in realist paintings, the Surabaya-born artist presented a new aesthetic proposition in the age of machinery, which cemented his irreplaceable contribution to the development of modern abstract art in Indonesia.

Equally important, Sidik’s work occupied a nuanced position between the modern and traditional world. He achieved this by allowing elements from traditional art forms to influence his abstract compositions. These elements included batik’s wax-resist method, as well as visual forms reminiscent of tikar weavings and Islamic calligraphy. With such features, his works drew profound connections between universal geometric shapes and his Indonesian identity.

In 1947, Sidik joined the social realist group Sanggar Pelukis Rakyat (The People’s Painters) under the tutelage of Indonesian masters Hendra Gunawan (1918-1983). With their emphasis on making art for the people, the group influenced his vision to create works that would look beautiful alongside everyday objects. Today, his works are collected by key Southeast Asian art institutions, including the National Gallery Indonesia, National Gallery Singapore, Neka Art Museum and the OHD Museum.  
A portrait of Fadjar Sidik


Logo of Galerie Nasional Indonesia
Permanent Exhibition, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Fadjar Sidik in Museum of Fine Art and Ceramics, Indonesia
Permanent Collection, Museum of Fine Art and Cermaics, Jakarta, Indonesia

Logo of National Gallery Singapore
Between Declarations and Dreams: Art of Southeast Asia Since the 19th Century”, National Gallery, Singapore

1930 Born in Peneleh, Surabaya
1953 Joins Sanggar Pelukis Rakyat (People's Painter Studio)
1954 Studies painting at Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia (ASRI, Indonesian Academy of Fine Arts), Yogyakarta
1957 Quits People's Painter Studio and works as a painter in Bali, Indonesia
1961 Moves back to Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Begins teaching in ASRI
1966 Appointed as a full-time lecturer at ASRI
1967 Studies art restoration and conservation techniques in Auckland, New Zealand.
1971 Receives Anugerah Seni (National Art Award) from the Ministry of Education and Culture
1979 Serves as Head of the Painting Department at Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI, Indonesian Art Institute)
1984 Serves as Assistant Rector III at ISI
1993 Receives Penghargaan Seni (Art Award) by the City of Yogyakarta
1995 Receives the Teaching Award by ISI
Retires from teaching
1998 Receives an award by Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Indonesia
2004 Passes away in Yogyakarta

2002 Retrospective Exhibition, curated by Joanes Sardjono, One Gallery
2000 Tokoh Abstrak Indonesia (Indonesian Abstract Figure), One Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
1991 Pameran Retrospektif 40 Tahun Melukis (40 Years Retrospective Exhibition, curated by Suwarno Wisetrotomo, Ministry of Education Fine Arts Building (present Gallery Nasional), Jakarta, Indonesia
1978 Dewan Kesenian, Jakarta, Indonesia
1974 Solo Show, sponsored by Chase Manhattan's Art Programme, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Our Motherland's Melody: paintings from the collection of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia, curated by Asikin Hasan, Amir Sidharta, Mikke Susanto and Sally Texania, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
The Wonders of Indonesia 2017, curated by Citra Smara Dewi, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
The Parallel Cosmos: Hsiao Chin & Fadjar Sidik, CANS @project, Taipei, Taiwan
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Pameran Besar Pelukis Nasional, Bentara Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia
1985 4th ASEAN Exhibition of Painting and Photography (touring exhibition), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, Bandar Seri Begawan
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1974 ASEAN Mobile Display (touring exhibition), Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok
1954 Group exhibition with Pelukis Rakyat, Balai Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia